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Orlando Brick Pavers Tips

Looking to Enhance the Beauty of the Outside Areas of Your Homes? 

Do you know when the last time was that you di any maintenance on your Orlando brick pavers driveway or patio? If your Orlando pavers look worn out, dirty or even weedy, don't be surprised, if you haven't done anything to prevent these issues they are no uncommon. Orlando pavers can even start to shift if they are no properly maintained. 

Here are a few tips to help restore the condition and the looks of your brick paver walk, patio or driveway: 

1. Clean the pavers by power washing the brick paver areas using a 2700 psi power washer or greater. During this process you may or may not need to use paver cleaner. 

2. Sweep joint sand into all the joints of the Orlando pavers and water down with a light spray from a garden hose. Sweep sand and water down a second time to ensure joints are full of joint sand. Once dry, confirm joints are full with joint sand and move on to the next step. In order for Orlando brick pavers to maintain stability, it is necessary to have these joints completely filled and compacted.

3. On all the paver areas apply a joint stabilizing sealer. The sealer will harden the sand and help prevent water intrusion in the joints and insects from digging through them. Follow the manufacturers instructions on how to apply sealer.  

4. If applicable or desired apply an Orlando pavers sealer. You have many options when choosing a paver sealer. Some sealers have a glossy wet look which often darkens the color fo your pavers. Other paver sealers have a matte finish while some are completely invisible. The sealer creates a durable barrier against liquid absorption on the paver itself (as opposed to the joint stabilizing sealer which hardens the joint sand). The help prevent staining and will keep your pavers looking clean for a longer period of time. 

By following these tips you will enhance the look, help maintain the structural integrity and lower the amount of yearly maintenance on your Orlando brick pavers.